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my computer says o bootable evice-- iset a boot disk but i dt hve a bbot disk
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  1. go into your bios and make sure that your harddrive is listed as the first boot device.

    Usually you get into the bios by pressing the F2 key or the Esc key right after you press the power button, like when the Dell screen shows, or whatever maker put your laptop together.
  2. does your hard drive show up in the bios?

    is your bios set to boot off of the hard drive?
  3. Does the Hard drive have a bootable OS installed on it. You won't have a bootable disk until you have installed an operating system. I would suggest you start out with an unpartitioned and unformatted hard drive and then let the OS install disk perform the partition and format operation for you. Give us a little more information so that we can help you a little better.
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