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I have an interesting case. I have a older Sony Vaio laptop (VGN-FE550G). One day the screen suddenly darkened. I restarted the computer, I would have a picture for about a minute, then the screen would darken again. I took the computer apart, removed the old inverter, and installed a new one. The laptop seemed to work fine for about 3 days (although I did notice the brightness would flicker every once in a while). Then once again the screen darkened, though it would keep a picture for about 10 minutes when I rebooted it. I could still see faint images in both situations. I currently have the laptop running off an external monitor, and it is working fine - awkward for me but possible. I am very frustrated with this problem. I need some of you experts out there to help me figure out what's wrong.
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  1. i found this video too in a quick search how to dif model but i hope close enough, (VGN-NW20ZF)
  2. If it's the backlight, why did the computer work for three days with the new inverter? Seems as though a new inverter wouldn't have made any difference at all if the backlight was the problem. Incidently, changing out an inverter is really easy. If I can do it, almost anyone should be able. Don't pay big bucks to have a computer tech do it. Backlight - not so sure!

    Randini, thanks for your help!
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