Wher should I buy Lenovo y580 from?

So it's been three weeks and futureshop has yet sent me my lenovo y580 so im looking to buy it elsewhere after getting refunds.

I've found two place.


it'd be nice if anyone could tell me where to buy.

or would the 750GB HDD be sufficient for gaming and college work.

Thank you :??:

I really want my laptop!!
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  1. I order my laptops directly from the manufacturer. When I bought my ThinkPad T40 way back when... I ordered it from IBM. When I bought my IdeaPad Y470, I ordered it directly from Lenovo.

    I think it took 10 - 12 days to receive my Y470 once my credit card has been charged. The best thing about ordering directly from the manufacture is that you can configure the laptop the way you want it to be.

    750GB is more than enough for games and college work unless you are going to have dozens of games installed at the same time and working with very large data files for college work.
  2. I just bought the 1080p Lenovo Y850 on Wednesday from Lenovo's website. It got here today, Monday.
  3. Just a word of caution, I heard the web "shop.lenovo" kinda hard to deal with if u are cancelling/change the order... (Looks like they need longer times)

    but other than that, it seem a good choice to buy from the lenovo web...
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