Free Nintendo Arcade Cabinet in Fort Collins, CO (Donkey K..

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Free Nintendo cabinet in Fort Collins, CO. Donkey Kong Junior orange
that had been converted to another game. One side was painted black
(should easily strip off), but appears to be in nice overall shape with
few chips.

Use for your restoration or for a MAME project. Come with original
coin door and has a switching power supply.

First one to claim it gets it. Please email.

Ben Wagner
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    Got any of the parts left from the DK Jr. ??
    I still need a marquee, joystick knob, 2P switch and holder, and coin
    door slot assys. to finish mine up.

    E-mail me....stargater[at]verizon[dot]net

    or post here.

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    Hi Rik,

    Just the marquee brackets and monitor. Thanks.

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    Thanks anyway.
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