Keyboard cant type

my keyboard wont type i have to use the on screen keyboard i already tried going to device managger uninstallling the keyboard and turnig off the laptop and then turning it back on but nothing works what do i do?
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  1. You have a keyboard that can type all by it`s self, where can I get one, does it read your mind then do the typing for you! Just kidding to lighten the mood.

    Try putting it in another usb port if you can, see if it works then. If not check that the Usb root hub for the ports is working and there are no problems.
    Most likely the keyboard has gone, so if you can test it on another system it will confirm its the keyboard at fault.
  2. well if your laptop keyboard deosnt work you can
    a) contact the manufacturer and see how much it will cost to send the laptop to them and get the keyboard replaced
    b) look online for the particular keyboard and to the replacement yourself
    c) go to a local computer store and let them do the replacement
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