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I just got done going through the work shop and man I've got some stuff
I'm not gonna use. I'd like to trade toward something I can use.
Here's the list:

JAMMA Boards:

Run & Gun 2
High Impact Football
Pit Fighter
Strikers 1945 (No Audio)
Gratia:Second Earth w/motherboard
American Horseshoes
Break Thru
'88 Games
Main Event
Open Ice
Twin Eagle (Not Working)
Neo 2-slot (only 1 slot working)
Strider 2
(2) Hyper Neo Motherboards
Samarai Spirits 64
Warriors Rage
Wild Ambition
NBA Hangtime (Not Working)


Time Pilot w/JAMMA adapter (adapter looks like Franenstein)
Mr. Do
Mr. Do's Castle
I've got (1) Mr. Do JAMMA Adapter
Midway Medium Power Supply 70V (Galaga type I think) - DOn't have
anyting to test it with
(2) Midway Power Supply 125V (MCR type I think)
(2) Atari Regulator Audio II Boards (Pole Position I think)
Nintendo -VS- Golf ROM Set
Megatouch MAXX Emerald Key
(2) Megatouch Force 2003 Keys

Here's what I'm looking for:

Police Trainer PCB or a suitable shooter
CPS 2 Boards (1944, Mars Matrix, Puzzle Fighter, etc..)
Naomi Carts
Sega ST-V Carts (Pebble Beach Golf, BakuBaku, Columns'97, etc.)
ST-V non-US Bios Motherboard
Neo MVS Carts (Preferrebly something newer)
Neo-Geo 1-slot Motherboard
Golden Tee 2K Roms or newer board
Raiden Fighters
Strikers 1945 Part 2 or 3


Mike V.
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    sent you an email. interested in a board or two.

    hit me back.
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