Sony bashed xbox

Well sony said microsoft's xbox will flop. They also said its them and nintendo going for the big prize while Microsoft loses 5 billion dollars. Weird maybe microsoft should stay out of Sony's and Nintendo's market. Besides where is open source windows.

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  1. Yeah, but consider the source. If you owned a car lot and a new one opened up next door, would you say "They look like they know what they're doing!" or "Those idiots will be out of business in a week!" ? I don't really like Microsoft and Bill Gates doesn't need to get any richer, but no one can say if Xbox will be popular until it and the games are out. Who would have thought that Pokemon would sweep the nation like it did? Nintendo is probably still around because of that market. Not to mention, Microsoft has huge assets to devote to marketing and development. They'll be able to pay to get better games produced for thwir platform, if they sense that there aren't enough quality titles.

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  2. The success of gaming systems is usually defined by the games. I think Microsoft has an excellent chance at being a big hit after looking at all the major names developing game titles for the x-box. Couple that with the depth of their pockets and the marketing hype that they are creating and it will be tuff for them to fail. Whether or not they can be as big as the playstation or nintendo is up in the air still I think, but I surely do not think it will "flop".

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  3. IF anyone can pull a new console off, it's Mircosoft. Sony is just worried. I've read reports they plan on launching PS3 early next year. Supposedly, they already have the graphics chip designed.

    I personally think the XBox will crush everything.

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  4. Maybe by its hefty size but really I don't think it is going to sell that well.
  5. GameCube will dominate all, just wait and see. This is partly because of the GameCube-GameBoy Advance (June 11) linkage that will allow games to be transfered between the two systems. But the major part is that Nintendo is simply the better company in this field. Sony has a market for just about everything from toilet paper to pet dogs to computers. Nintendo is concentrated in this section, although they have branched out significantly.

    Yes, I'm a diehard Nintendo fanatic (sort of like the intel folk on this forum, except for the fact that my opinions have good reason).

    Another aspect is the games that will be produced. I wouldn't be suprised if 1/4 of the people that will buy a GameCube will have bought it soley for the purpose of playing the next Zelda game. The three systems are negligebly seperate in terms of power, but the real deciding factor will be the games.
    (sort of like how EA murdered Dreamcast by refusing to produce games for it).

    Nintendo and Sony will drive Microsoft out of this market by superior games, but in the long run Nintendo will overtake Sony.

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  6. Well, to me,
    since most of the games we played (with excellent quality anyway) comes from Japan, so ... I think that's why xbox started their campaign in Japan. IF they're interested in playing the xbox, then Microsoft might have a chance.
  7. I think X-Box stands to kick ass in the console business. Console specs aren't that important, what's important is the games.

    This is where the X-Box clearly has the edge. Why? Well, naturally the xbox is basically just a slight modification of a home PC. What this means is that any PC game can be ported to the xbox with virtually no effort. PC developers won't even have to think twice before porting a game to the xbox. it has the same os and same hardware as a pc.

    it is a totally different story with sony and nintendo though. PC games will still require a fair bit of effort to be ported to either of thise platforms.

    Expect at least 95% of successful pc games to be immediately ported to the xbox.

    luvs and hugs ian
  8. Then why even buy a Xbox, I have a PC that would kick it all over the place in Memory, CPU, hard drive space etc. All the pc games play great on my machine anyways. What a utter waste of money then at least from my standpoint.

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  9. You will not see massive PC ports to the Xbox. At least not in the first year. Initially you may see a few games ported to the PC from the Xbox, but Microsoft is placing limitations on developers ability to port PC games to the Xbox. The only way a developer is allowed to port something from the PC to the Xbox is if they make a game unique to the Xbox. If you think about it Xbox will only have around 10-12 games at it's launch. If they were allowing PC ports, we would initially be seeing QuakeX or UnrealX, SimsX, and so forth.

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  10. Do you think bleem is making the simulator for x box right now??

  11. Nintendo has more experiance theyve made (that i know of):


    Super Nintendo

    Game Boy

    Game Boy Pocket

    Nintendo 64

    Game Boy Color

    Game Boy Advance

    and im sure a fiew others older then the origonal Nintendo. They have more experiance with making consol games then Microsoft does. More games for their systems means higher popularity and that means better sales

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  12. Yeah, but nintendo still were the most experienced when sony entered the market. They got blasted by sony, who own the box in most peoples living/bed room.

    I saw the Ex Machina E3 special. They covered all three camps. The graphics on the GC and XBox is more than enough to put the PS2 to shame. But I know in the console domain, the Games are more important.

    When the nintedno guy was presenting the GameCube, he was describing it as a cuddly piece of equipment. And that is what it is, a toy. Most of the games on it are for children. The Donkey kong racing, star fox (or whatever), luigi something or other. They're all for kids. They showed RS2 and a water skiing game whch I found quite apealing. The graphics in the first three looked ordinary, but in the latter two, they were really nice (although the big spaceship in RS2 had agressive bump mapping, which looked a bit odd.)

    The XBox games were more to my liking. Maybe because they were closer to PC games. They showed Halo in four screen splitscreen. I thought that was pretty good.

    I think Nintendo aren't fighting in the same arena as MS/Sony. They have their domain of Selling toys. after all that is how they started off. Alos, they didn't add any DVD capabilities, so its not an entertainment machine. Sega got "relegated" because they were in the same domain with inferior marketing and hardware. perhaps not in that order. The Gamecube sale figure will probably repeat that of the N64.

    Microsoft will be competing more in the are domain of the PSX/PS2. That is why sony are afraid and are making rogue comments. Like it or not, Microsoft is a marketing machine. They will find a way. After all Mr Gates did make a promise of a PC in every desk in every household, or some other crap like that. He is trying to do it in whatever way possible.

    PS2 is failing in many ways. Their expectations of people being happy about the PS2 because they can use it to play their old PSX games is falling apart. All my PS2 owning friends are quite dissapointed, and most are using it as a DVD player and nothing more. Some even want to get rid of theirs, but the recent price drop has them pissed off.

    So, the way I see it, there is plenty of room for another console. All Microsoft have to do is make sure they don't make any stupid mistakes and dont try to control the developers like string puppets. It has the potential to go far.

    Personally i will Buy an XBox. Just out of curiosity. I dont see my self as a console gamer. Even when I go to arcades, I play some time crisis 2 then I end up playing air hockey. Some nice unadultarated fun...


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  13. The XBox will have dual Shaders. It will be twice as powerful as the GeForce 3. Also remember, it will mainly be played on a low res TV screen.

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  14. Game Boy Colour, did well in the market place but technically it's pants, Sega Game Gear was better and it was out at least 5 years earlier. Nintendo could have doubled the resolution on the game boy screen and it would have been good but as it is it's pants.

    I've owned an N64 since they first came out at the time they were IMHO better then PS1 but Sony sorted out a much better software deal, thats why I went for the PS2.

    With Xbox we'll see the first blue screen of death in the console arena, microsoft products stink when it comes to reliability. If they were good I wouldn't object to the amount of money I've spent on them.

    Look at the size of that thing!
  15. Well if it wasn't for nintendo we would have no Console market. They saved the whole thing in 1984 with the 8-bit nintendo. Remember there was console's (start's with an "a")before it when they failed nintendo saved are A$$. There would be no PSX, PS2, XBOX without nintendo.

    !!! Nintendo will rule again !!!

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  16. Probably. I wouldn't be too difficult to port that bad boy over from the PC. It would actually be easier for them. They could design it for a single architecture.

    Nintendo deserved to get trounced by Sony. Originally the Playstation was designed as a addon for the Super Nintendo. Nintendo didn't like the CD format and basically told Sony to F-off. Sony didn't want to take it in the rear for the cost of development so they went ahead and took a chance in the game market. The rest is history. I dont think Sony did anything great for games, they just capitolized on the arrogant bungling of two companies (Nintendo and Sega).

    Nintendo was saved by the Gameboy. Now it will continue to be saved by the Gameboy Advance. I'm sure the Gamecube will be everything the Nintendo64 was supposed to have been but it will only sell to a select market. Many people will buy the console just to play the next Zelda, Mario, or PokeMon games. But I dont think Nintendo will win over too many people with their console.

    Right now I think Sony is running scared of the Xbox. Even if they drop their prices it still would be more expensive than a similarly equipped Xbox. Sony has no harddrive, no 4port controller, no memory card, or ethernet port at it's initial purchase. The Xbox has all of these. To have a similarly equipped PS2 it will run you around $500 in the end. This is the reason I waited and now will probably end up owning a Xbox. I almost purchased a PS2 until I saw Soul Calibur playing next to some PS2 demo's. The PS2 graphics did nothing to wow me yet. I didnt give a damn about backwards compatability with my old PS1 games either. If I want to play old PS1 games I'd flip the switch on my controller and turn it on.

    I think alot of people get off on bashing Microsoft (Most of the time deservedly so). But this is still the most technically innovative console to come to market since the 3DO. I cant wait for it to launch. Hopefully I wont be sticking my foot in my mouth 4 months from now either.

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  17. Thats is a good comparison 3do and Xbox, both very advance, unfamiliar, no history, no previous game titles to build upon and both expensive. That is some of the reasons I believe it will fail. Those nintendo addicts of yester years of the early 1980's are now full grown adults, the allure and pull of a new magical box for there kids will be strong, the timing is perfect, the same old characters that entertain them are now brought back to life, oh what fun to be young again . This has all the markings of a true success for the game cube which I believe will be much greater then what Nintendo expected or can produce. I hope ATI is ready for some major production. Just to think the Radeon 2 is coming out about the same time as the GameCube can maybe cause some problems. In either case ATI appears to have two very strong winners. I hope they don't muff it.
  18. I dont think the price tag of $299 of the Xbox is expensive. I think the original 3DO pricetag was around 400. And it didnt have 1/10th of the support the Xbox currently has. I am one of those nintendo addicts of the 80's and I would much rather play something along the lines of Halo or MetalGear than another Mario or Donkey Kong game. I think we'll see alot of two console houses in this case. Nintendo will get alot of sales based on their name alone. Plus their content is much cleaner than most PS2 or future Xbox games will be.

    The PS2 is one hell of a expensive system and I wouldn't call it a failure either.

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  19. I like the hardware of all 3, but if its one thing that worries me about the Gamecube, its the games. I bought a N64 a couple of months after it came out. I might as well have turned my house into a child care center with all the kiddy games they were releasing. That reason alone will make me wait a good 6 months before committing to the Gamecube. As for the battle, its gonna be an interesting 3 horse race.

    R.I.P. Dreamcast......i'll miss ya buddy!
  20. 3DO - is that the same as the NeoGeo? That system was like $700 and one game was around $100-$300.. anyways the Xbox should kick A$$, but I heard it actually crashed at E3. The PS2 sucks compared to the hype, and there really aren't any good games coming out for it that aren't coming out on the other systems. My prediction is the PS2 sales will fall because of teh Xbox, and Nintendo will still have its niche in the market.
  21. True, but i'm wondering why no one is looking at the grand scheme of screen resolution capability. I know the X-box is HDTV compatible. I'm not sure about the Cube but i know the pS2 isn't capable of this res. Surely the games for cube and box will, in future, take advantage of these higher resolutions as hdtv and hdtv settop boxes become more common place in our homes.
  22. HDTV will increase the resolution quite a bit. that will strain the hardware quite a bit. However, it will be the same across all the consoles. The only thing around that time to have improved hardware would be the non-console domain ruled by the PC. We'll have the GeForce 5/6 and Radeon 3/4 and maybe the Kyro 3. :wink: Running on a 3GHz AMD Athlon 5.

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  23. Sort of related: the XBox can use 5.1 audio in game and the PS2 can only use 5.1 during FMV scenes. The GameCube only does Dolby ProLogic (2?). I should keep notes of where i've been on the net. Also, does HDTV require a different type of connection (non RCA cables or S-Video perhaps?)
  24. Yeah, it definitely will increase the strain but i'm thinking that the x-box will be able to deal with this strain much better than the other consoles. Which i guess is the reason that MS have touted the x-box as hd-tv compatible.
  25. I don't know actaully. I'm assuming the connections will be different. I'm not sure what the HDTV antenna connection to the HDTV will be but it will not be the current RF setup with current tv's.
  26. I am beginning to think that the X-box and Gamecube will be competting in different markets, Gamecube for <18 and X-Box for adults. That doesn't mean you can't do either on each machine just a general trend that maybe will emerge. Probably depends on the games more then anything else as someone already said. I am pretty confident with the gamecube not so with the X-box. Will the X-box even be ready by November? The gamecube looks ready now.
  27. I stand corrected. The 3DO was launched with a $600 price tag. But the games were cheap. It was the first CD based console out and the games were anywhere from $30-$45. Neo-Geo was a arcade emulator. So when you bought a cartridge you were getting the same games that were in the arcade. Basically with some mods you could have set it up in a arcade style box and have the exact same game.

    I remember when 3DO was the coolest company around. Everything the made was innovative and somewhat groundbraking. But now they are flat out greedy and boring. Just look at all the ArmyMen stuff they spew out on a monthly basis. Or how many incarnations of Might and Magic do people need?

    Well I'm off topic.

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  28. Gamecube is for more like under 14's. May be with a few exceptions. I really dont like their kiddy characters in most of their games.

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  29. Which is probably the target for the Nintendo meaning the only competition between the X-box and Gamecube besides being labelled a console is money that can be spent.
    This is what the president from Nintendo says about Gamecube and X-box:
    <font color=blue><b><i>At this point, he confirms what a lot of life long Nintendo fans have been chanting like a mantra for several months now. "A Nintendo is ultimately a toy. It is the most advanced machine for playing games, and it is totally different from the Microsoft product. It is just like trying to compare a sumo wrestler and pro wrestler; they play by totally different rules. We do not consider Microsoft to be our competitor."

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  30. That same arrogant attitude is what allowed Sony to swipe all of Nintendo's market share. I'm suprised they have not learned their lesson yet.

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  31. Gamecube will launch with only two games available and it is never likely to have internet connectivity. It is not DVD compatible.

    I think nintendo are making the same mistakes they made with the n64 all over again. I think as ever, they've shot them selves in the foot. They have to realise it is no longer two toy companies (them and sega) going head to head. It is a huge commercial ocean. Sony have already splashed them into the shores in the last round. They just about managed to crawl back, and they still make the same mistakes. I think its microsofts turn to push them out of the way this time. They'll always be lagging behind struggling in the turbulance made by the giants sony and microsoft while they fight out the real battle.

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  32. Microsoft is making a mistake. Not releasing it in Japan. Look at the Bandi WonderSwan it never made it here.

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  33. Nintendo will have two titles not that there will only be two titles period when lauched, there are other companies who have games ready now. I disaggree with your assessment, this will sell big, really big and Nintendo will have a huge market to themselves.
  34. I think their re-doing the control pads for the japanese folk.

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