G72g no power

After taking the screen apart to make sure everything was connected properly d/t screen flickering the laptop will not turn back on now. tried universal charger instead of regular one and there's a scratchy beeping noise coming from computer. I dbl checked to make sure everything was re connected properly 3 times. HElp
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  1. So you took your laptop apart?
  2. well if you hear scratchy noises thats bad..really bad..take it apart again and make sure you have connected everything...there is no extra screws flying inside. I hope you haven't short circuit something inside
  3. i only took the screen casing apart and checked to make sure everything was connected. only thing i un connected was eye cam and thats fine. I tried different charger and tried to plug in and turn on without batt in and its making low pitched weird sound like it wants to start but cant
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