where are latest radeon LE drivers????

post me a link if you can. this card can't seem to render games correctly, and the ati site doesn't have the LE drivers available. thanks
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  1. There are no special Radeon LE drivers, the Radeon LE takes any regular Radeon Driver. Just make sure you choose the DDR version when upgrading.
  2. Listen to Noko. Load the Radeon drivers (any version, they include parameters for all card versions). Now heres how to trick it out-run regedit, go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ATI Technologies\Driver\000(x)\atidxhal" Enter in three new strings "FastZClearEnabled" with a value of 1, "DisableHierarchicalZ" with a value of 0, and "DisableHyperZ" with a value of 0. Now you have an LE with Hyper Z. Download Powerstrip v3.0 Beta to overclock it if you need more speed, mine runs fine at 183/183.

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