Laptop not turnin on at all

I recently bought a new laptop for my mum and after about 2 months it stopped working.... It wont turn on at all and i tried discharging methods with no luck.. The charging Led wont even turn on when i plug the charger in... I also tried wiggling around connector just to see if its simple connection problem....

She said she dropped the laptop previous day but it worked right after she dropped the laptop....
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  1. Could be damaged hardware. Contact the manufacturer of the laptop as it should be under warranty and take it in for a service.
    Regards Nicholas
  2. Dropping laptop is also covered in warrenty?
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    if she has a accidental damage warranty, it is very hard from a vendors' point of view to diag. a drop as the cause. Dropping a laptop will damage the hard drive, but it should turn on. Most times when a laptop wont turn on,
    broken power port
    bad ac charger
    spilled liquid in laptop
  4. jshun1234 said:
    Dropping laptop is also covered in warranty?

    Sometimes yes. Or just don't mention it.
  5. MC_K7 said:
    Sometimes yes. Or just don't mention it.

    Lol not knowing is the best to go ey? haha

    well thanks for the advice but ill leave it open just incase someone else have another hinch
  6. It's not charging and ran off the battery right after she dropped it. The power port is damaged as mentioned above and may be as simple as there was a cold solder joint that came loose. Sometimes it rips the connector from the printed circuit board, which is harder to fix.
  7. Sigh... Off to repair shop then...
    Thanks for all the help
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