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Can windows XP be loaded on a acer aspire 5552-3691 laptop?

Can windows XP be loaded on a acer aspire 5552-3691 laptop? it has windows 7 home premium 64-bit but having problems with it crashing and I don't have windows 7 disc to reload. I do have some older games that don't play on W7 so since I have to reload windows anyway I thought of just going back to XP since I have an XP disc so I could still enjoy these games but wondered if XP will work on it since laptop had 64-bit windows and I know XP is 32-bit plus can I get right drivers for audio,video,wireless etc. to work with XP on this laptop. Thanks for your time on this issue.
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    The Acer site seems to only have the 7 drivers no other os listed. I would think it will work you will just have to go to the manufacturers sites to get the drivers for audio network etc. like you will have to go to realtek, athros, etc etc. I would check their sites and pre download the drivers on a flash drive or something so when you install you will have them.
  2. all you need is to download a windows 7 iso and use the product key on bottom of laptop. there are sites listed in the forums where you can go and download the iso for free like dell and there is a couple of other sites.
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