TOSHIBA SATILLITE restore disc aftermath

I ran the recovery disc that came with my TOSHIBA SATILLITE. Every time I start it, it downlaods the FM tuner utility and desktop links. It does this every time I start or restart the computer. I went into the add/remove programs and uninstalled the FM tuner, but it reinstalled itself again. I went into program files and deleted the desktop links, and upon next start, it reintalled everything I just took off. It does this every time I turn on the laptop even though the recovery disc isn't in the drive. If I don't uninstall the stuff, it still reinstalls it over and over again, even if the laptop only goes into sleep mode. I need help ASAP before I smash it with a hammer.
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  1. run anti-virus/malware scan.
  2. Thanks, but I allready tried that. I'm not sure what it did, I don't have that problem anymore. however, I do have a new problem. the ethernet connection will not work even when the laptop is pluged in to the modem. It dosn't work wireless at all. when I plug it into the modem, it goes to google fine, but when I click on something, it will sit there for about 3 mins before opening. When it finely opens, it won't let me close the enternet. There isn't a NONRESPONSIVE alert or anything, it just does not do anything no matter how many times you press the close button. the computer itself seems to work good within it's oun system, but enternet wise, not at all.
  3. This is not a virus problem, I have checked that out already. Any other ideas? :bounce:
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