Needed: Quick Insight on GT 635M Versions and Final Purchase Check

Hey guys.

My needs: super-balanced laptop (strong graphics and CPU performance), smaller size (14'' screen preferred), low weight if possible.

I bought the HP Pavilion G6 2290CA 15.6'' (with 7670M!) tonight for $700 Cdn + $160 for three year warranty from London Drugs.,default,pd.html?start=5&cgid=computers-computerslaptop-pclaptops&prefn1=brandDescription&prefv1=HEWLETT%20PACKARD

I got it home and my dad convinced me I should spend the extra $200 for what I really need: a laptop that'll take up as little space in my pack as possible.


I have some concerns, though.

Apparently that Asus has the "N13P-GLR" version of the GT 635 -- what kind of performance can I expect? (And is it true that that is the version?)

Also, any comments on the dual core i7 the Asus has would be appreciated. For that matter, does anyone have comments on the Asus warranty claims process in general and that laptop specifically? I had trouble finding a legitimate review of that specific model online.


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  1. Guys? Be nice for someone in the know to chime in here...

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