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Hello there!

I've recently bought a toshiba ultrabook (a STI UB1401 model, actually STI is the Toshiba brazilian division), and for some time have experienced a certain situation with its graphics.

Every time I start my ultrabook, the video freezes for a while right after loading the windows, returning to normal after nearly a minute. After this, the ultrabook works perfectly, but this initial delay makes me uncomfortable, and it only started to happen after I installed its drivers.

Has anyone ever seen a problem like this?

Thank you, everybody!

Orlando Guterres

Ultrabook STI UB 1401 - Intel Core i5-3317U - CPU 1,70 GHz - 4 GB RAM - Intel HD 4000 - WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM 64x
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  1. are you watching blu-ray because it uses lots of MB around 20-40MB/s from HDD which could be the problem(loading problem/slow HDD)... It's most likely a bug on the intel's driver if you installed it and issues happening...
  2. Hi there, thanks for the reply

    I am not watching blu-ray, actually, my ultrabook has no optical drive. I also believe that it's a bug on the intel's driver, but it kinda pisses me off, because I have already formatted my hard drive and I've also installed the latest drivers.
  3. You can try reverting to older drivers to see if the problem is fixed.
  4. already tried it, didn't work.
    I've already tried to contact Intel about it, but got no reply.
  5. Which SSD came with the Ultrabook?
  6. It's a MZMPC032HBCD-00000 32gb SSD, is that what you're asking for?
  7. Interesting, so you have a small boot drive and another storage drive, correct? Maybe the SSD is filling up?
  8. well, I have the 32gb SSD and a 500gb HDD, the SSD is only for the OS. would it cause the trouble?
  9. OrlandoGuterres said:
    well, I have the 32gb SSD and a 500gb HDD, the SSD is only for the OS. would it cause the trouble?

    It'll cause trouble if it's under something around under 2GB storage left...
  10. so it isn't, it still has enough space
    but thanks for the warning =]
  11. OrlandoGuterres said:
    so it isn't, it still has enough space
    but thanks for the warning =]

    How much space actually? list more detail like temperature and usage of system like memory and cpu...
  12. Actually, now I'm starting to believe that the problem is the windows 7 installed on the SSD.

    I sent this ultrabook to the local Toshiba tech support a couple weeks ago, it had RAID 0 active in it, but the tech support said it would be better to separate the ssd and the hdd and install the windows 7 on the ssd. This morning I was checking the BIOS and I realized that the SATA option was still on RAID, and not on AHCI. I followed some walkthroughs and changed the BIOS option to AHCI, with the changes on the regedit and all, but, the delay remained. So I turned the BIOS option back to RAID and the delay was gone!

    So, the conclusions I've got with all of this:

    - the toshiba tech support in my hometown is terrible
    - there is something terribly wrong with my ultrabook!!!

    I'm thinking on erase it all and change it back to RAID 0, as it used to be.
  13. Having the ssd as the boot drive is not the issue. Hdd and ssd don't have drivers. You only had the issue since putting in a "driver" which you said is intel so I'm thinking it is the intel storage manager aka irst. Trying to revert to the old one didn't work because it probably changed some settings. But you said you don't have the issue anymore so just leave it alone.

    You can be set to raid but not actually be in a raid array. The regedit change does nothing in this case because ahci is a subset of raid. So even though you are set to raid, you don't have a raid setup so was just ahci. Although having it set like this can cause issues.

    You do not want to raid 0 a ssd and hdd. And that is not what it was originally. Raid 0 would combine both to be seen as 1 drive in windows. But you said the ssd just has windows on it so I assume you can see both drives as different letters in windows. You'd have bad performance if you could even raid 0 them since half the file goes on the hdd and the other goes on the ssd. So you would get essentially hdd performance and would be wasting the ssd. This also means you can't simply get rid of this type of raid. You would lose all data by switching.
  14. You cant even raid in the first place with your HDD so I dont really get how you even raid a SSD and HDD together, needed to be same manufacturer and storage to be in raid... the problem is not Windows 7, how are you streaming your movies? downloaded or stream from DVD/CD Disk?
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