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so i have an M11x that will shut a game down after about an hour of play. it just closes out with no window or anything. Sometimes it will just lock up and have to be task ended.

If no game is being played, after about 4-6 hours the computer will just shut down. Again no warning, no blue screen. just shuts down.

I used alien respawn to reset the computer to factory setting, no effect.
Since it came with 2 sticks of 2 gig ram, i tried removing 1 stick, and then trading sticks to see if maybe it was a ram issue. no luck.

My next attempt was going to be cleaning out the dust and nonsense around the processor. I do not have high hopes for this either.

does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on what would cause this?

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  1. it sounds like your lappy might be over heating. download prime 95 to stress test the cpu and coretemp program to monitor your temperatures...as far as gpu testing download furmark and it has a temperature graph included...with the temps noted down find out what are the recommended temeratures...to improve airlow in your lappy spray compressed air into the openings on the bottom/sides
  2. Alienwares are bad heat wise, try a laptop cooler, or like alvine said, try prime 95 and check the temps, its a good start.
  3. Run hwmonitor. What are your temps? I bet that gpu is running way too hot.
  4. overheating!

    if ur not under warranty anymore (i'm assuming that you're not since u removed the plate to access the RAM) pop off the place that is closest to the CPU (or directly over it) and blast some canned air through the CPU cooler vent. the dust should fly out of the opening u made.
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