Need HP QuickDock transformer p/n

I have a QuickDock p/n ES631AA#ABA. It requires power input of either 18.5V, 3.5A or 19V, 4.74A. Can you provide a p/n of the appropriate HP transformer brick for this unit?
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  1. Why won't you contact HP? They will know better as they are the manufacturer
  2. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You're replying to a former HP employee (who once worked on documenting installation procedures for their global supply chain system).

    Don't you think I've already (repeatedly) tried this? All I get is routed from one place to another to another, with each person being ESL and completely unable to help. They're incapable of looking up the p/n in their computer system, for starters, never mind even being able to correctly parse my question and be able offer an intelligent answer. To top it off, their chat system is unavailable, too, so all that's available is their ridiculous phone "support".
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