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FRUSTRATED w/ Asus Zenbook need suggs for replacement

January 16, 2013 5:08:16 PM

I purchased a UX31 (the model w/out backlighting). It was a Best Buy floor model so save good $$. However, in a month the backspace, D & delete keys no longer worked. I returned it and all they had in a comp 128 SSD was another UX31 floor model (the one with backlighting) and it aws great until the K would only work intermittently and the C not at all, so returned that.

I found a post here on Tom's that shows how to fix the keyboard (def a hardware prob) but don't feel as though I should have to fix something that cost me $850 plus.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a reliable, quiet, portable, MS OS, laptop? I loved everything about the Asus except the keyboard issue.

All input is appreciated