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Hello, i had windows xp, i ran windows 7 software . i have a 22 inch acer screen that all thw material is too big. i have to go back and forth with the arrow too see the whole page. we tried ghanging the resolution but it will not let me. what should i do? thanks, ange
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  1. Hi Angela - Try setting your screen resolution to 1680 x 1050 pixels. This is the standard resolution for 22-inch screens.

    Any luck?

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  2. Mine is 21.5" & its 1920 X 1080.
    It is a graphic driver issue. Installing the latest ones will solve the problem. God help you if you have integrated graphics.
  3. i have a feeling he has integrated,a friend of mine did and i gave him and old pci graphics card and it fixed the issue!
  4. Quote:


    He has the same computer and monitor he had before he installed win7, so integrated or not, it should work as it worked with XP.

    i have a feeling he has integrated

    Guys, it's a she (I'm hoping) :pt1cable:
  5. Because gals are usually tech dumb ... ?? :pt1cable:
    What makes you think I'm a guy?

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