R refurbished laprops worth buying?

What is meant by refurbished?
R they good as new ?
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  1. faizy02 said:
    What is meant by refurbished?
    R they good as new ?

    Some are good as new... refurbished Laptops are of different types; they can be new factory quality rejects that are repaired in the factory, other can be like new broken down returns and repaired by the seller, or they can be well used and restored/upgraded by people in the computer business.. so refurbished can mean different things, and you have to do some research before you buy. You can look in the manufacturer website for the model and what hardware it includes to have an idea of the year it came out so you'll know what you're paying for.

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  2. they are cleaned, restored to original condition and original working order. Might have parts replaced and may or may not be tested extensively like a new one. Some might just be returns and they sell as refurb.
    There is a diff between Owner refurb and factory refurb.
    I bought before they are just as good I never had a problem but with everything there is always a chance.
  3. I have a Dell 19" LCD purchased in 2006 (refurbished by factory). It has outlasted 2 new monitors (a viewsonic 22" and a LG 22" purchased in 2008 and 2010). All were powered 24/7.

    If it is a factory refurb, sometimes they are great deals.
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