Bad Inverter? Need advice, picture included

Hello community,

I recently replaced an inverter cable on my Toshiba satellite p205 s6237 because when I opened my screen past 80 degrees, the screen went black, so I thought it had to be the inverter cable. However, after replacing the cable when I boot up, I see nothing but many purple and green lines on my screen.

I checked for any loose connections, released the static by removing the battery and holding down the power button for a minute. I have noticed when I moved the cable around the contrast of the lines change. I did connect it to an external monitor, so it can not be the video driver.

I even tried placing my old cable in, NOW with the OLD cable I see the same lines instead of a black screen, its just more dimmer.

could it be that I ordered a bad inverter cable, as i did order it from Ebay?

What do you think the problem may be?

here's a picture of my problem
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  1. Something is definitely off. What was the brand of cable you bought and how much was it? If it was on the cheap side, I'd maybe think about spending a bit more and get a quality cable. Now, if you go with a better cable and keep getting the same results, I'd venture to guess that there maybe an issue with the inverter itself.
  2. Hey, thanks for the reply. The cable I bought was around $20 with shipping, and the cable was identical to my older one when comparing the number on the bar code.

    After a bit more fidgeting around here is what I found.

    With the old cable the screen is much darker, but when I bend this hold cable very harshly, I get a normally lit screen. With the newer cable, I get a normally lit white screen with many different colored lines.

    I purposely disconnected the ribbon cable from the back of the LCD and got a plain white screen without the lines.

    Next I disconnected the inverter and the screen got much darker, as if I was using the old cable, when I plugged it back in, much lighter.

    Based on these factors, I believe that the cable is fully functioning, the inverter is in working order, based on the fact that the screen changed in lighting when I disconnected and reconnected it.

    Because I get a plain white screen when I disconnect the LCD cable from the back of the screen, and a white screen with lines when I do connect the cable, I think I am going to conclude that the LCD screen went bad.

    What do you think?
  3. Very possible. Just about the only way to tell at this point would be to get your hands on a new LCD. The question though is how much do you want to put into the laptop before it becomes far from economical?
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    Hi :)

    I own a laptop repair company...

    Thats NEW SCREEN time...not cable.... (its almost NEVER the cable by the way)

    Make sure you get a screen with the EXACT same numbers as on the white stickers on the back of YOUR NOT get a generic copy screen...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. Thank You,

    You guys have been very helpful and I have learned much from you guys.
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