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I borrowed my sister's laptop, which is a Dell Inspiron 6800 and it will not go any further than the Dell load page. Once it does a black screen with the words KVIWC is compressed. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart. But once I do that it just starts the same procedure over again. It is an older laptop and I do not have any of the cds for it. I'm at a loss. Could someone please help?
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  1. Can you ask your sister to unlock it for you? As it is NOT your laptop, the first step would be to contact the owner.
  2. I have talked to her and she has no idea why it is saying that. Nor what is causing the problem. She had not used it for awhile.
  3. She might be able to get a second set of restore discs from Dell for that particular machine. Navigate to Dell's support page and you'll find exactly what options you have.
    If it is hardware failure, it has to be the HDD. They have a limited life span and after a few years they need replacing. If so, you'll need to do that before re-installing the system image, otherwise you'll get back to the starting point.
  4. I am taking it the laptop here is at least trying to load windows. I never heard of a message like KVWIC being reported as compressed.
    But the very in fact that it does tells me it is looking for a compressed file, but does not have the means to un compress it, in order for it to run the program.
    It may be the case the operating system is missing, as suspected. Or that the Hard drive in the laptop has become so old it has a lot of errors on it.

    I would turn it on, and as soon as you do that keep tapping the F8 key of the laptop.
    you should be presented with a loading menu of windows, choose safe mode to see if it loads windows.
    If it does not, then as said it is likely that the OS is corrupted or has been wiped as I say.
    Or the hard disk drive is physically failing.
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