Streaming media crashes Windows when viewing full screen

Every single time I watch Hulu or some other streaming video sites, after a while the display driver craps out (weird artifacts all over the screen) and then Windows crashes forcing a reboot and sometimes a BSOD appears too. This happens with both ATI and Nvidia graphics cards, and it doesn't happen when I'm in other operating systems (I have triple-boot). It also only happens when I'm viewing full-screen, embedded viewing is not affected.

Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone have a clue why this is happening?

-thanks, Ethan
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  1. Sounds like the psu is not giving the gfx card their requisite juice
  2. well I've got a 550w power supply (38A on the 12v rail), and both cards OC nicely and play 3D games for hours with no problem. is it still possible its my PSU?

    i actually hope it is, I've been wanting a reason to get a new one anyways...
  3. You didn't state that before. Well if you can game for hours, then the PSU is fine.
    I don't understand the need for triple boot. The only thing I could suggest is do the streaming on the OS which doesn't give you any problems.
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