Puzzled with RAM upgrade

Hello, I want to upgrade my laptop RAM from 2gb to either 6gb or 8gb. Now reading the forums I'm bit confused about my options.

OS: Windows 7- 64Bit
Laptop: Toshiba Satellite C660 - 1F1
CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-380M Processor
RAM: 2048 MB DDR3 RAM (1066MHz)

Option 1. Two DDR3 (1066Mhz) RAM to make a Dual Channel setting - 4GB x 2.

Option 2. Single 4GB DDR3 (1066MHz) RAM.
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  1. DDR3 PC3-10600 2 X 4GB would be my recommendation - The price of RAM is low, and it is best to get paired memory sticks from the manufacturer.

    I would suggest: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231294
  2. Thanks for the reply. This way I have to discard my old RAM which is already a 2GB DDR3 PC3-1066MHz, Samsung M471B5773CHS-CH9. [On CPU-Z it shows PC3-10700 (667MHz)]

    I thought a 4GB PC3-1066MHz from Amazon.

    I was thinking of the option2. Where I can use both the RAM. I'm not sure how much difference in performance will be if I do that.
  3. I never mix RAM sticks - not even by purchasing two kits (i.e. buying two packages of 1 X 4GB RAM to get a total of 8GB) - I always buy one kit (i.e. one package of 2 X 4GB RAM) because the memory is made from the same production run. Slight changes in the manufacturing process - especially when combined with two different manufacturers cause issues with RAM.

    You might save £10 - £20 by purchasing this kit, and it might work properly, but you could also be wasting £14.00, and have to purchase the full kit.

    If you get a matched pair - 99% of the time there are no issues:

  4. I agree with Ronin, the price difference is not much, so I'd go with a pair of 2 x 4 GB and install identical modules to ensure stability. Plus this will give you 8 GB in total.

    I'd avoid option 1 unless you're on a very tight budget.
  5. ^ Agreed.
  6. Are you talking about using a 4GB stick and a 2GB stick? It won't work; the 4GB stick will be capped at 2GB, meaning you'll have 4GB no matter whether you have the 2GB stick in or not.

    For laptops especially you also want the RAM sticks to be the exact same in every way - it'll cause havoc otherwise.
  7. Thanks guys for the great advice. I'll definitely buy a kit to upgrade the RAM.
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