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My neighbor's laptop has a broken hard drive. He bought a new HD and i switch it out for him. He needs windows 7 but has no disk or key. Is there anything i can do for him at this point or does he need to go buy windows 7?
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  1. well if there isnt a sticker on the bottom with a key, then yea you have to buy new.
  2. You need a windows 7 disk.
    You can download it and burn it to a dvd from the website
    From there, all you need is a key and to install it.
  3. thanks! does he need to buy a key, or is there a savvy way to get one off the internet
  4. also - is there any way to download to usb and make it bootable?
  5. Hi :)

    Look on bottom of lappy for COA sticker with key, its sometimes UNDER the battery...

    All the best Brett :)
  6. Yeah, it can be a bitch to find sometimes - my netbook has it under the wireless card.

    Also, yes, it's easy to make it install from a USB stick:

    Just use this:

    And a (legal) download of windows 7:
  7. Hi :)

    Good advice from DarkSable....but NO COA sticker means you WILL be buying a new copy (plus sticker) of 7...

    All the best Brett :)
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