Blinking lights, no boot

I've a Dell N5110 that got some water spilled into it. Drying it out, it didn't do anything. Replace MB as well as power jack board. Now, what I get is blinking lights on power button and mobility display center button. Does this reveal a service code or something? Long pressing anything on the keyboard doesn't do anything. Is there some hard reset combo I need to do?

I confess, this is not my laptop so I'm not so familiar with the details of its functions, although, by this time I'm intimately tuned in to taking the dam@ thing apart and putting it together again. :pt1cable:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I think I solved the problem. I read a post elsewhere that talked about keyboard failure. I pulled the keyboard, powered up and viola, it booted.

    I hadn't considered that. Who knew?

    Thanks anyway
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