nv30? When? What?

i heard here people saying about nv30? What is it? How fast is it? When is it?
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  1. <font color=blue>i heard here people saying about nv30?</font color=blue>

    <font color=blue>What is it?</font color=blue>
    It is the next major generation of Graphics Chips from nVidia. Since nVidia acquired the 100 or so 3dfx people including the 30 ex-SGI/Gigapixel people, this is the product these engineers have been working on.

    I'd expect it to have much better quality FSAA+edge AA and a huge improvement on its HSR. And plenty of other features of course. I'm hoping it will have onboard collision detection. I also heard it might be the first dx9 card, though I' not sure.

    <font color=blue>How fast is it?</font color=blue>
    No Idea. I won't be like other people, no names mentioned (*cough* rcf *cough*), and speculate on new products I know very little about.

    <font color=blue>When is it?</font color=blue>
    It is rumored to be dated for a Q4 2001 release, as nvidia dropped the nv25 (A more powerful GeForce 3, may be an ultra or perhaps even a GeForce 4), in favour of concentrating its resources on this. But I still think it might be a little later.

    This is the card I'll most probably be getting. Unless of course, the ATI or IMGTEC offerings are any better. ATI will have its Radeon 2 out by then, with a release scheduled for the R300. I think IMGTEC will still be working on its Kyro 3.

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  2. Sounds great! How much will it cost? If not less than $350 then I'll hang myself!
  3. Start looking for a rope. :wink:

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  4. the prices from nvidia are increased exponencialy with every new generation ...
    So start saving 800 us$ for nv30...
  5. My guess would be another $400 release.

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  6. I guess that's nv30 will be the only christmas present for me, is 4x AGP or AGP pro? why won't they make it pro?? what do they wait for? it'll be faster
  7. Is there any publish information on this card?

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  8. Agp Pro isn't any faster than AGP 4x. Its just got the ability to have more power if needed. Just in case you didn't know that.

    I really hope they take the great V5500 qualities and pair them with the great GeForce qualieies. That would make for a seriously kick ars video card. Since they both have what the other is lacking.

    I too will probably get this one, but not when it is first released. I will need to give it time to drop in price. Im guessing it starts at $450-$550 US depending on retailer.

    Any idea if it still going to use 64mb ddr or if there going to up it to 128MB?

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  9. considering that 128 gf3s are around the corner i would almost guarantee that a 128 meg will be available... if not straight away then after a couple of months or another graphics card competes with it... cant wait... but ill be building a box this summer... i cant wait for too long for a graphics card... im thinking of buying the gf3 but am siding against it in favour of a geforce 2 and a near future upgrade to radeon 2/geforce 3 ultra/geforce 4 (or whatever...)

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  10. Hey killall, I am having the exact same problem. I already built my machine but I cannot decide which video card to get. I was thinking about the GF2 Ultra, which is around $180, then upgrade to a Radeon 2 if it's as good as it sounds. But then again, I am thinking, why not just get the GF3, which will last much longer, probably 3-4 years, then you can get another card then with much better technology, like TruForm 2 or something. I think I will go with the GF3 now, so I don't have to buy 2 cards.

    Hehe, just how I think =)
  11. Rumor has it that it's clocked at 400mhz, and has 800mhz DDR SDRAM (which is totally feasable). The card's name is "DreamForce". I talked with some folks over at <A HREF="http://www.theregister.co.uk" target="_new">http://www.theregister.co.uk</A> and they've confirmed this rumor.

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  12. the thing is i got perfect timing... i got my gf2 gts last june for the price its still at in the UK got a very good deal then the 4ns ddr went up in price... i got the hercules card clocked around the same speed as the pro... i think its performance is extremely good and i dont really need anything more from a card... yet! ive got a really good monitor... electron22blue by lacie the best monitor around i think under 24" cost a sh!tload but still... im keeping it for my next box and ill need something that can keep up with the newest games at 2048x1536 which i dont think many cards do... including the gf3 i play q3a at 2048x1536 and its amazing but its a simple game... the geforce 3 wont cut it if there was an ultra id get it but there isnt yet and itd have to have 128 megs of ddr making it very expensive...

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  13. $800? BAH

    That's what they said about the Geforce3. It hasn't been that long and it's $350.

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  14. $180 for Ulrta? WHERE? I have seen 3D BLASTER Anihilator ULTRA for $499!
  15. Ultra for 180 USA dollars?

    I bought my leadteck gf2 64meg Ultra for 240 US dollars.

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  16. In the good ol' USA! $235 on pricewatch...


    It's raining outside, and my lawn has grown a foot overnight!
  17. I'm afraid there's nothing from the horses mouth except from an admittance that they will concentrate on the nv30. They haven't however said anything direct about dropping the nv25, though they've dropped enough hints.

    Now I can't exactly give you any proper links to any solid info. Almost all of it is speculation and unconfirmed rumors. I'd say most of them are making educated guesses. As for the 'dreamforce', it originated at <A HREF="http://www.3dgpu.com/nvidia_chipsets.htm" target="_new">3D GPU</A>. I highly doubt the accuracy of that info. Its far too early to have any concrete info like those. If it does turn out to be true, then I'd say real time toy story. or Jurassic park dinosour is within our grasps.

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  18. LOL! Those figures are insane.
    I have just one question. What is EDDR RAM?

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  19. *stares at computer screen, drool dripping down mouth*

    i can barely speak..... 2Ghz memory? 800Mhz core?!?!? 256MB Texture memory?!??????!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <b><i><font color=red>HOLY FRICKIN' CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</font color=red></i></b>

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  20. I could try to explain, but that would mean me reading up some stuff I dont want to. So just go <A HREF="http://www.lostcircuits.com/memory/eddr/" target="_new">here</A>, and find out for yourself.

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  21. It's basically DDR SDRAM with a row of SRAM that functions as a cache.

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