Sager NP8170 Video upgrade? Processor upgrade?

Hey guys.
Here are my current specs:
Model: Sager NP 8170
Screen: 17.3" SuperMatte with 3d vision and nVidia Goggles
Processor: Intel i7 2720QM 2.2-3.3GHz
GPU: NVidia 485m 2GB
RAM: 8gb (1333hz)
HDD: 2x 500gb 7200 RPM w/ Raid 0

Im Looking to upgrade my gpu and my cpu. Any suggestions on what is available?
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  1. Upgrade to 7970m or 690m .
    I7 Processor is enough because u need to change mobo for better performance (77express chipset with oc capable). Upgrade hdd to 2x ssd in raid (study msata ssd comparison in toms hardware).
  2. Do you mean the 680m?

    Also, where can I buy graphics cards for laptops?
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