V120 upgrade

I have a cq62-211he with a v120 cpu. can i upgrade to a duel core? or any upgrade at all?

WQ858ua -p/n

{Private Information Removed}-s/n

AMD V-120 single core

785gx chipset

sb800 southbridge

hp 1444 motherboard version 69.37

s1 ( 638) socket

4200 ati series gfx

win7 64 home edition/U.S.A

4gig memory 1066

bios F.29

I would like to put in a duel core.

Should i stay with the 25watt tdp or can i safley go 35?

Would upgrading to a turion 2 520 2.3ghz be worth the boost for some games?

or the phenom n620 2.8 ghz.

Is there any upgrades that can be done with the cpu that would give some perfomance benifit?

Wanted to get some expert advice on this before i dive in.

I have looked through the owners manuel and it very confusuing listing other cpu's but not saying if i can use it in mine.

the v120 processor is used for rev 1.0 only so im deducing that thats what i have. also the ram i have is 1066 so am i limited to 1066 for cpu too..seems logical. also it has a 25 tdp should i stay with a 25 or can i go 35? There are some cpu's that are not rev limited so does that mean i can use it. I called hp support and they told me that it is impossible to upgrade and stated it was soldered in. Well thats a lie! Seems hp support does not know its own products and simply wants me to buy a new computer. I would just like to go to a duel cpu and was wondering if the turion 2 520 would be a good choice. Any input would be greatley appreciated! Thanks.
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  1. Thank you for your answer. I had this same post for 5 days on hp forums and no one replyed. This is not a gaming rig. I do play wow..everquest 2 etc and i have to use the lower settings which is fine till i get about 800 bucks to build what i want. I was wondering if just going to a duel core with a bit mor speed would help with some of the games using 2 cores. like the turion 2 520 2.3 ghz duel core at 25 tdp. would i even notice going to a duel core or the phenom n620 2.8ghz or the n660 3 ghz?
    can or should i go 35tdp or would heat issues arise ( i do have a homade cooler beneath it). I can get chip for 12-45 bucks so that is not going to break me and was wondering if there is any benifit whatsover. I have read about some going to a n620 and they seem very happy with the increased performance. I do have some computer know how to install it i just want to make sure that the processor i choose will work with my system. Thank you for your reply.
  2. http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02641795.pdf

    I have been perusing this and it seems the v120 was only for the rev 1 so i assume that is what i have. When looking through the processors some dont say wheather rev 1...1.2..etc

    and so i was going to stick with a rev 1 1066 mhz 25w tdp something.

    And so based on what the manuel says i can use what would you suggest to try?

    Again thank you for your help!
  3. http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02641795.pdf

    Can anyone look at that and tell me what the best cpu is to put in this puter?

    Ive searched and ask questions but im still a bit fuzzy.

    I have a hp 1444 69.37 board

    the ram is ddr3 1066 4 gigs

    I was wondering if going to a duel core is any help much less getting a bit faster cpu.

    I play wow..everquest 2..oblivion and im used to playing at the lower settings.

    Would switching to another from a v120 help at all?
    I have heard people going to a n620 and they say no issues but can a put a 1333 mhz chip with ram running at 1066?
    I was told to stick with the tdp of 25w because of power and heating.
    I use the laptop and a desktop so always powered and i have done some modifacations to cool it down..my laptop runs at 49c to 68 c when playing games.

    I guess the main thing im asking even if i stayed at 25 watts do i need to stay with a 1066 cpu/ Ive looked at the above list and still dont know what i can put in.

    since a v120 only goes into a rev 1 im tried sticking to that.
    Some cpus listed dont say what rev so im not sure what i can use and ive played hell trying to find out what cpu go into this board. any help would be appreciated.
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