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I am from India. I really play a lot of games the whole day. I also understand the technicalities like bugs and glitches. I dont wanna be a member of any scam website like Game testers plz help
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  1. Small world, best try contacting games houses directly and asking them!
  2. A game tester earns no money. My sister dated one years ago, all he got was a copy of the game. Not bad if you get to test AAA titles like Half-life, Batman AA, etc. Sucks if you test games that aren't as good.

    Its my understanding that people who actually go in and fix bugs are employed by the game studio itself. In that case you'd have to work for EA, Activision/Blizzard, etc. As Moricon said you'd have to contact them.
  3. Serious game testers need to be able to test every aspect of a game. You have to spend hours finding ways to break a game, write reports about it, and be able to communicate some ideas of your experience to the developers. Having developers properly communicate with game testers is often the difference between a good game, and a great game. Just be aware that playing games for a living and finding bugs all day isn't as fun as playing a finished game for your own enjoyment.

    Now then your best bet is to find local game developers. Go in, apply, bug them, buy them lunch once in a while, or at least a beer at the bar, and keep trying. It's easier to choose someone you know and trust than some random guy from the stack of applications they get. It's not a good paying job, and it's alot more work than you think. With great persistence, you could end up with it, but you have to really want it.
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