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I currently work for a fortune 500 company as a Entry level helpdesk for computer problems. I have a A.S. degree in CIT and will have my B.S. degree at the end of this sprint semester.

Trying to get a idea of what certifications I should be working towards?

I have A+ and a certification from my school in cisco routing.

I would like to go into cisco routing as it was my focus, but i'm thinking I might find more job oppurtunities if i go into Windows Server.



Windows 7 > Windows Sever 2008

any other suggestions?

My ideal positions are as follows (favorite to least favorite)

1. Cisco Routing Admin
2. Unix Admin
3. Windows Server 2008 Admin

I think Windows will get me a job faster which is important to pay off school loans lol

Thanks for any input.
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  1. I am not one about all the certs, but I think a Windows based cert will do. Microsoft would be proud. :D
  2. Honestly i hate microsoft lol.

    3 of the 4 pc's in my home run linux. I focused on cisco routers when i graduated with my A.S. degree. Working on my B.S. i took sql&oracleDatabase/Server2008/Fedora unix classes so i got a wide mix.
  3. Thanks for the reference. A little research and I think i want to work on my Cisco Cets get CCNT and then my CCNA. then work on unix. I like the hard route lol.
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