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Been working on this problem for more then a week now all most 2. The sound for all most all my programs will not work(games and music player). I do have all system sounds full sound from the internet, also one game Just Cause 2 gives me sound also. WMP gives me a error depending on the file extension type and will not play anything. It is Realtek on board sound. In the HD audio manager if i click test sound it will not play but if i go to Playback devices the test sound plays.

What i have been doing to try to fix problem, Reinstalled the driver about 5 times. Useing CCleaner to clear reg after unisntall, used driver sweeper to remove any left over files and installed new driver after reboot. I had all sounds working before for a day by ending the HD audio manager but that dident last and no longer works. I can also play any music or game sound from the games directory in Irfan View that i use for my crappy retextures. Please help not having sound from my games is bugging the crap outta me.
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  1. You may need different codecs for your programs. here are a couple of links which may help to get them. Microsoft have a page to verify that the K-pak codecs are compatible and lastly a media player codec pack fron CNET which is a trusted site
  2. Tryed the codecs and still a no go. I used k-lite 620 mega pack and k lite 64bit 370 pack.Also i just noticed programs not showing up in volume mixer.
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    Go to start / run and type DXDIAG.exe to see if it reports any problems and do checks. The only other thing I can think of is to remove the drivers and use a different set of drivers. I have read that somewhere that realteks updated drivers cause similar problems and by installing earlier versions has fixed the problem. Apart from that all I can suggest is to buy a usb soundcard which are very cheap now
  4. Fixed problem. Deleted the realtek driver and windows 7 installed its own drivers and it works perfictly thanks for help.
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  6. Hi cheadder867. Glad you were able to get it sorted. Thanks for giving me best answer.
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