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Hello, i decided to upgrade my laptop. I have the Msi gx640 (Ne) and im planning to buyeither an i7 720qm or i7820 qm, wich leads me to my first question; IS the 820 compatible with the gx640, i read about alot of ppl who managed to get it work, and some who didnt. IS the difference between them that big to take the risk with the 820?

Second, im planning on inserting 8gb ram, wich type should it be?

Third im planning on upgrading my gpu aswell, been recommended the DELL Alienware M17x R4 M18x R2 graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M M3XJV . I suspect i need new "x-type bracket" or will the one from my 5850 work? I suspect i need to do the thermal-pad-copper-shim-mod on my new card, but what other coolmods do you think ill have to do? (info on coppershim-mod here )

I am no novice in buildning my own computer, built several desktop-pcs but never upgraded a laptop, so im a bit nervous about the compability of the gpu and cpu, so i would really love some feedback before i make the final decision on upgrading. Also id love to get more tips if there´s components that give me even more "bang for the buck"

Yours sincerely
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  1. Upgrading laptop cpu/gpu is a lot more difficult than on a desktop. I couldn't find much about the laptop you describe ( Msi gx640 (Ne)). Can you give us more info?

    I'd check with MSI before I did anything.
  2. Im aware that its alot harder to upgrade a laptop, though my model seems to be quite upgradable after reading alot at notebookreview! Ive asked theese questions there aswell but i think the laptop is to old to attract any more answers in forums. (here´s the big owners thread though )

    Also none of the parts like cpu or gpu is welded to the mainboard like i hear is common on other models, so it shouldnt be that complicated i reckon...
  3. Sorry I don't have any more to add. Good luck.
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