Fujitsu Siemens V2030 Faulty Keyboard?

Hi, I recently obtained a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V2030 Laptop with certain keys
that aren't working.

From what I can see, the non functional keys are:
Left and right Arrows, U, I, O, 8 and Delete.

My question is simple: How certain can I be that the keyboard is in fact faulty,
and the problem isn't related to something else?

I can get a replacement keyboard fairly cheaply, and from looking at the
maintenance guide, it seems fairly easy to install as well. I just want to try
and rule out any other possibilities before I do.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Hi, try using if possible a usb keyboard, if all the keys work then it is not a software problem. Before buying another keyboard, unplug the connector from the keyboard and plug it back, sometimes just reseating the connector, the keyboard works again.
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  3. Thanks jarotech,

    Looks like the keyboard is definitely faulty so I've ordered a new one for around $20.
    At that price it's worth the risk. :)
  4. Did you not have insurance on it? resp you could just buy cheap one for £1 :))
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