Laptop Motherboard Diagnosis/Repair (No Power)

My two year old hp notebook needs a new motherboard, so I have ben told by two different techs who work in different national electronic stores. How difficult is it to replace the motherboard?
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  1. with no power did the tech check that the ac brick was outputting the right voltage and that the pin on the brick and system board were fine?? most time i found that there a broken plug on the system board.if the board not shorted any good laptop repair place can unsoilder and put a new power plug on. for the system board itself look online for the service part number for it then google the service part number. may be cheaper for you to look on ebay for a working unit with a smashed lcd screen. it lot easer swapping lcd.
  2. It really depends upon the build of the notebook - if it is a high end unit, it may be worth repairing. If it was low to mid grade, it may be better to replace the unit, as the repair costs could add up to more than the value of a new computer.

    And with the purchase of a new computer, you have new parts. A replacement motherboard may not be new, and you have "used" parts in your existing notebook...
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