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My son wants a gaming laptop and i have done as much research as i can understand,anyways and im looking for clarification.from what i can tell the hp pavillion g7-2320dx is the same as a asus n56vz-es71 for playing games like skyrim with mods(which we have for the 360 so i dont get it),bf3(same),planetside 2 and at which speeds.Thanks for helping out a noob :)
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  1. The Asus is significantly better than the HP. Either way though, you'll only be able to play Skyrim on modest settings; probably something near equivalent to the 360, actually. Lol. Maybe a little better, but...

    From what I saw the Asus is twice the price as the HP. I don't think I could justify paying double for what would probably only be a 10-15% increase in performance. Go with the HP and double the RAM.
  2. thank you very much for replying and answering,i asked the guys at best buy but i kept feeling like they were just trying to get me to buy the most expensive one.i was thinking like you said i just was not sure,except for doubling the ram of course :sol:

    Just so I know we are talking about the right thing, I posted the links. The asus is twice the price but the 650m is 3x the performance of the 7640g. The i7 is also 2-3 times more performance than the a8. The 650m can play skyrim on ultra at 1080p with aa which is much better than 360 which is only 720p and no aa. But the monitor on that laptop is not 1080p. The 7640g will only play on low.
  4. k1114 said:
    The 650m can play skyrim on ultra at 1080p with aa which is much better than 360 which is only 720p and no aa. But the monitor on that laptop is not 1080p.

    Even in the links you sent, the benchmark results for Skyrim with ultra settings for the 650M tops at 25 FPS. Mind you that's at a 720p resolution, using twice the amount of RAM and using the GDDR5 650M and not the DDR3 one, which is what's in the Asus.

    25 FPS isn't really acceptable for gameplay, IMO.
  5. That is at 1080p with 8xaa. The 7640g is at 28fps on low. What is the point of getting a laptop to play skyrim and bf3 if it can hardly manage low?
  6. so now if i got this right,K1114 you are saying that the monitor and the graphics chip is better and that you can play skyrim and bf3 at a better quality to justify the price,and calm state of mind you are saying that they both arent worth i guess my question is what is the major diff between the pc and console version of these games and are they worth it in your guys opinion.thank you for your time and opinions guys.
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    The monitors are the same, 1366x768 aka 768p. The graphics would be a better on pc on high/ultra vs the 360 which is med. In this case the res isn't much difference since 768 and 720 are so close. The other difference would be texture quality, aa and longer view range. But if you already have it on the console then in my opinion it doesn't really make sense to get it on pc. Now if someone is getting into pc gaming, it makes sense to get a capable pc for other games.

    The other laptop with the a8 is barely capable of playing on low on modern games which would be worse than console and future releases wouldn't be possible. If you were looking to save some money, go with something in between. Try looking for something with a 7730m or 640m which would still play most games on high.

    This is $650 for a 7730m.
    And this is $700 for a 645m.

    You typically want at least 30fps for smooth gaming. Even if it was only capable of high, that is still better than the 360. The difference between high and ultra isn't too noticeable in skyrim and most other games but the difference to the 360 is quite noticeable which is closer to medium.
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  9. thank you everyone and especially k1114
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