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Simple question that's probably been discussed already but I can't find it. Can I install my copy of Windows 7 oem on more than one drive?
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  1. The reason I ask is because I installed Windows 7 on a hd that I don't want. So I want to put Windows on this new drive.
  2. Install. YES.

    Activate: Probably.

    Move old drive to another computer: NO.

    Replacing or upgrading a HDD doesn't violate the MS EULA.

    If you have problems activating it, do the phone call activation thing. I did. It works!
  3. +1^
    And with Win 7 it is very easy, use win 7 back up program to create a bootable DVD, then Using win7 BU, create a image file of your "C" drive. Disconnect old HDD and install new HDD. Boot to DVD and restore image file. The image file can be to DVDs (about 3), to a Thumb drive (need a 16, or 32 Gig drive), to an external HDD, or to your current HDD ie "D" drive (in this case do not disconnect old HDD, just set boot order to DVD - This is my least favorite method.
  4. I can't just take out the old hd and put the new hd in and do the same thing I did when I first installed Windows?
  5. Yes you can.

    RetiredChief is just referring to if you wanted to backup or save your data from the old drive, and put it on the new drive.

    I just reinstall, and reset any setttings I have/want. I have backups for important data, not specific Windows settings and the like.
  6. Nothing on the old hd but Windows. Haven't installed storage drive yet. Thanks guys.
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