Xpert 2000 Pro with DVD playback trouble

I have fixed my problem by upgrading my video card to a Radeon VE.
Using the Xpert 2000 Pro video card DVD playback had a checker board tile effect when the background was one colour. I used the ATI trouble shooter and the SiSoft Sandra trouble shooter to find out what the problem could be and followed the recomendations each gave. As well I updated the video driver. WinMe/DirectX 8.00a compliant.
I assembled the PC and the only problem I have had is with DVD playback.
Anyway I would like to find out if anyone using the ATI Xpert 2000 Pro video card has had the problem I have experienced.
I can't accept that changing my video card to the Radeon VE fixed my problem. Since the Xpert 2000 Pro should have been more than adequate for DVD playback.

Thanks for your insight.
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  1. Sounds like a renagade driver or DLL file that was replaced when you bought the Radeon VE. Other than that, that board should have no problem with DVD playback.

    If it works for you then don't fix it.
  2. I forgot to mention the Xpert 2000 Pro card failed memory read/write tests using ATI's own configuration tool.
    The card's driver was installed on a reformatted drive.
  3. Sounds like a bad card or bad memory. If you bought the Expert2000 contact ATI, giving the results of their memory test they should replace the card for you, or maybe you might want to upgrade through them. In any case you have a bad card.

    Well to eat your <b>C :smile: :smile: kie</b> and have it too, gotta get <b>Rade :smile: n II</b>
  4. Well you got a Radeon VE. Have Dual monitor wide screen DVD

    Nice Intel and AMD users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  5. I sent the Xpert 2000 Pro card and driver CD back to ATI with a letter explaining my problem.
    A couple of days after I mailed the card back they called me and said they were replacing it. As well they sent a confirmation e-mail when they shipped the new card.
    Impressive customer support and warranty service even without the original sales receipt for the card.
    The problem was a faulty memory chip.
    Since I upgraded to the Radeon VE card I guess I now have an excuse to build a second computer now that I have a spare video card!
  6. ATI also helped me out a couple of times also. I never had serious troubles with getting help from ATI. I do know some people wo think that ATI should fly out to there house on an instant notice and fix every problem they have on their machine, otherwise ATI sucks. My brother had a RagePro card which he probably burnt up due to overclocking the bus, 3 years after he bought it, ATI replaced it with a better card for free, not sure which one.
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