can i install twoXP and one win98 in diffrnt part?

i already have two XP installed in two different partion
however i still have one partion that's not installed with any os
can i instal a win98?
will in able able to have the OS selection menu when booting up pc?
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  1. You can instal 98 but, it should be installed first as 98 will over write certain XP files.

    There's a couple of ways to do it.
    The easiest is to obtain Partition Magic 8, or to save personal files, then uninstal your XP OS's, then instal 98 followed by XP.

    There's are other ways but I don't know how.

    Just buy Partition Magic 8.

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  2. Dude, that's so wrong. He's not going to install it OVER XP, he's going to install it on a separate partition. The only problem is the bootloader will get messed up, but that's easily fixed.

    Original poster: why the heck do you have 2 XP installs on one computer? And why the heck do you want to put 98 on there too???

    Some day I'll be rich and famous for inventing a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.
  3. You really only need one operating system on your computer. And, you don't need an operating system on a partition, to be able to use the partition. Use the empty partitions for storage.

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  4. hi thanks for the replys

    i have one XP for audio/music production
    one XP for games/internet/downloading

    i want one win98 to play some older games with Voodoo card i have
  5. easy to fix the boot?

    i can't find the boot.ini in the two partion i had xp instaled
  6. So why do you have to have two separate XP installs to do that? If you want custom settings, just create two users...

    Some day I'll be rich and famous for inventing a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.
  7. Did you try the games using XP? I haven't had any trouble with older games with XP.

    Your arrogance is boring!
  8. there are some that wont run properly
    no sound or just cant even get it
    also no xp driver for my old old VOODOO1, not 3....

    to .... upthere, things will run alot faster when having two HD
    one for the audio progames and one for sample play back and recording
    Also don't have to be afraid of loosing or mix up files when install two user in one xp...
    also safer, especially for viruse...... thing.....
    since one will be expose to internet more....
  9. Here:

    1. Leave the two XP OS as is.

    2. Create a second Primary Partition on the first or primary disk.

    3. Format new Primary as FAT/FAT32.

    4. Use a boot disk or XP disk manager and set as active.

    5. Boot and test.

    6. Use 98 boot floopy and boot with CDROM drivers.

    7. Install 98 on this partition.

    8. Reinstall XP (use the less critical install) with this boot as active, this will create the XP boot files and should point to both installs.

    9. Copy the Win98 line in the new boot.ini file from the FAT boot Partition into the boot.ini from the first boot Partition and copy this file onto the new Boot Partition, this will create redundancy as either boot partition can be used. You need all three lines in both boot.ini's for all three OS's to be available on both boot Partitions.

    10. You can switch between both Active Partitions now to use any OS, the two boot.ini files should be the same.

    You now have redundancy built into your boot sequence, it should take about 1 hour or more but it's worthwhile.
  10. Be very careful. You don't want to try to install 98 on a hard drive that has NTFS partitions; I tried that and the 98 installer deleted a portion of my partition table, I lost a lot of data and it was a nightmare trying to fix it.

    It would be best to install 98 on a fresh disc in the partition of your choice, and THEN install XP and create whatever NTFS partitions you need.
  11. reinstalling the two xp is.... kind of... and they are all setuped already

    i have 2 HD
    first one 120G, 2 partion, 2 xp, NTFS
    second 80G 2 partion FAT, no OS just files.
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