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I am in the states and I currently have an ASUS Republic of Gamers G60JX that I have been 'bandaid' fixing for over a year at this point.

Current Specs in this system (that probably matter):
Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel i5 CPU, m 430 @2.27GHz, 2 cores
4gb Ram
Nvidia GeForce GTS 360M

Now I am having several issues with this laptop.
A) It overheats easily, have to have it on a separate fan unit just to use.
B) Battery is shot (no brainer her, buy a new battery)
C) Most of the USB ports barely work
D) I've replaced the keyboard and lost my illuminated one due to keys no longer working (Space bar and E key primarily). Illuminated keyboard was ~$125 more than the $20 for the regular keyboard. I didn't need illumination THAT badly.
E) Wifi no longer works (toggling this on/off shows that WLAN is still 'off') - this may just be the cable, I could pull the keyboard and see if this came loose
F) HDMI port doesn't work any longer
G) Where you plug in the cord seems loose, although I haven't noticed issues (but I haven't been moving around with it either).

I picked this laptop up 2..5-3 years ago I believe for an awesome price, and have never regretted buying the ASUS laptop. My needs, in my opinion, are relatively simple.

At this point in my life, I'm a casual PC gamer - Diablo 2/3, Torchlight, Civ IV, and the occasional Flash based online game. I play most of my games on my PS3 or iPhone. I run an online business and do all of my PHP/Image/Website editing on the laptop itself. Occasionally I go to conventions and take the laptop and printer with me for orders, receipts, etc. I also currently use the laptop as a PS3 Media Server (since I don't move it anymore due to battery life).

I would like advice on what to do. The options, as I see it:

A) Buy a new laptop, with a budget of about $600-$700 (If I buy a new laptop, I likely also have to buy a new laser printer for about $100-$150, as I currently use a HP Laserjet 1012, which is barely compatible with Windows 7 and absolutely NOT compatible with Windows 8).

B) Repair the Asus.

C) Buy a 'clunker' laptop - Best Buy has a Toshiba laptop for $280 and expect to replace it in 12-18 months.

My issue with B is cost. I'm afraid of the repair costing far far too much. My issue with C is I feel like I would be taking a step backwards 'computing power' wise, but I'm not sold on NEEDING the computing power that I already have. Any thoughts or help would be most appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Depends what a new motherboard nad battery would cost for the laptop.
  2. I've priced out the motherboard at about $150 new or $100 used. Battery is about $30-$50
  3. MB wouldnt be worth it. I think those used the 260m, right? I had one. They run VERY hot. What I did was cut out the plastic circle under the laptop, the one with the metal trim, and glued a fan grille on, took temps down quite a bit
  4. If you are talking graphics card nvalhalla, it runs the 360m. THere is no 'plastic circle' under the laptop. Only 2 of the 4 USB ports work with any 'regularity', and only 1 USB port works all the time.
  5. I would recommend to get the new laptop since repair will cost you quite a lot and in the end, u are only end up with the old hardware anyway.

    It is recommended to get win 7 notebook but u will have hard time finding it these days.

    To get the your printer work with win 8, follow these steps
  6. At this point, after looking at pricing for the repair vs a newer laptop, I believe I am going to go with a clunker laptop from Best Buy. Both of the ones I'm considering are sub $300, just need to last me a year, and I can still use my current laptop, just not as a 'lap top computer' but as a regular computer on a desk.

    Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it.
  7. My vote is replace, the heart of your graphics is to poor even with new mobo and other stuff replaced. Burial as Sea is your best option.
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