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I'm tring out the Ragefury maxx. And i can't see anywhere that the 64MB is working all I see is, 32MB's. The Dual chip is enabled. So if you can help me I Thank you.
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    I hope your using Win9x because in 2k the Rage fury Maxx doesn't work too well.

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  2. Each chip uses 32mb, so any one chip doesn't see the whole 64mb. Sounds like it is working just fine, now how about doing some benchmarks and give us your system specs. Then we maybe able to determine if it is working right or wrong.

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  3. I guess I am very lucky, W2K is my choice of operating systems with my Radeon. No serious problems here.

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  4. I'm running WinME, with the ME drivers. and 192MB, Fujitsu 10.2Gig(5400rpm, I beleve),DFI motherboard PC100, and the ragefury maxx video card. With all that my score was 1600 on the old 3D mark 99 max benchmark. Oh yeah. I scored higher with my old Diamond stealth S540 video card. 1700 or 1800.
  5. What cpu do you have and what speed. The max made the cpu do the bridging between the two chips which on a slower CPU <500mhz the performance gains where almost offset by the overhead of the bridging. If you have a 700mhz plus cpu you should be getting around 3600-3800 for default 3dMark2000.

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  6. AMD 500 K6/2. as for the video card I haven't got the foggiest Idea :o).
  7. And another thing. I've noticed that this card is for AGP4x, but my motherboard only supports 2x AGP. how much does that matter?
  8. Thats alot of giberish to me :) I'm still new at this, sorry. Should my benchmark score be higher than what it is. or is that normal for my system. And plus how much would a ATI Radeon LE help me?
  9. system spec.?
  10. AMD 500 K6/2, 192MB, Soundblaster Live,Value, ATI Ragefury MAXX, Fujitsu 10.2gig harddrive(5400rpm I think). And running Win ME with Blackice. And thats all I know about the stuff thats in my system! OK?
  11. Your benchmark is about right with a K6-2 and it won't be that much better then a Rage128 Pro. Upgrade cpu/mobo then the Max will perform better. ATI did pull a fast one, the Max is not a true 4x AGP card, in reality it is only a 2x AGP card, the box is really misleading. The Rage128 Pro cards are 4x AGP capable but not the Max. Without the bridge chip ATI couldn't get the Max to be stable at 4x AGP nor get it to work in W2K with both chips. Since the card came out before W2K was made available Officially it was never ment for W2K except ATI promissed drivers for it ahead of time. Pretty big stink for some folks since ATI reneged on the drivers and letting down a number of people who bought on good faith who was now stuck with a non working card in their preferred operating system. Plus ATI did not help matters by not offereing anykind of help for those people they alienated. (I can think of several options ATI could have done, rebate, exchange, upgrade to a more capable W2K card like the Radeon etc..) So now you got one, I recommend you return it and exchange or sell it for a Radeon LE which is a more powerful card with better drivers. Still an upgrade if you can afford it would help out allot.

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  12. Well Acually Noko. I'm just trying this Ragefury Maxx out from a friend. But it's not the upgrade i thought it would be. So, I think I will do the ATI Radeon LE. Like you and everyone else says. It's funny cause i started out looking for advice for the Geforce2MX. but now i'm gonna buy a ATI. And one more thing. On the ATI website. there is no support for ATI RadeonLE. no drivers, no nothing. Any reason why that is?
  13. All the drivers support the Radeon LE, because - <b>it is the same chip</b>. So don't worry about drivers. ATI seems like they are releasing weekly beta drivers now, I just upgraded to 3228beta for W2K and it has a small increase in OpenGL performance.

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  14. Ok man. I would like to thank you and everyone else for all your help. my mind is now made up. Buy the Radeon LE.now if you could help me with one more thing. I need $150 canadian. LMAO
  15. If you are keeping that K6-2 then a GF2 MX400 will work real good too and probably less hassles in getting it to work. Seems like the Super7 chipsets have issues with AGP. Performance wise the two will be virtually identical with your cpu with the edge going to the MX in 16 bit by a significant margin. But DVD play maybe more limited with the K6-2 then with the LE due to the MX cpu usage will be significantly more.

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