Very odd GF3 lock up problem, please help me!

Hey guys, I recently upgraded my system and for some really odd reason, my computer would just lock up completely in some 3D games. I am running Win2k so I should be able to use ctrl+alt+delete to force end task, but I can't, I have to use the reset button. Here is my system spec:

AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.333Ghz 266 FSB
Asus A7M266 Mobo
Crucial 256MB PC-2100 DDR Ram
Asus V8200 GeForce 3 card

I am running Win2k SP2, Via 4in1 drivers version 4.32, the latest miniport AGP driver from AMD, DirectX 8.0a, and nVidia Det3 12.41 reference driver. I think this is my graphic card problem for 2 reasons:

1. I remember someone said Asus mobo and Asus cards don't work well together, but they said they experience chopiness other symptons that I have not yet seen. If you have an asus mobo and asus card, and they work well, please confirm this is a rumor, it's really bothering me.

2. I went into BIOS and played around with the AGP setting a little bit. There is something called AGP Aperture Size or something, I changed the default setting (64MB) to 512MB, then most games run fine, including Tribes 2 and Mech Warrior 4, as well as Counter Strike. But, Black and White is still experiencing this problem! I can run the game for about 20min, then suddenly it freezes up, and I can't do anything but press the reset button. I know it's not a heat problem, since I have 6 fans in the case for ventilation, and usually my CPU and GPU temps are below standard.

If you have ANY idea what I could do to fix this problem, please please please help me!

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  1. Come on guys, noone has any idea at all?
  2. You might want to see if there is any upgrade patches for this game. If it plays other games OK, it usually is a software problem, not a hardware problem. Alos, on those other games are the active X or Open GL? is the type of game you have problems with any simular to these two formates. I have an old Test Drive 5 game that gives me problems with my new Radeon board, but the new one works just fine. There also might be a setting that the software wants but is turned of on the board or is not even used anymore. Try checking out the Games web site to see if anyone else is having the same problems.

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  3. I think I finally fixed the problem, I disabled AGP4X in my BIOS, then everything ran fine, kindda odd... And the funniest thing is, there is really not that much of difference between AGP2x and AGP4x in 3d marks 2k1 scores! It's off by like 30. Can anyone explain what's the diff between 4x and 2x? I though my card would be running twice as slow, lol
  4. AGP 4X got 2 times more bandwith than 2X. It should be faster, but not 2 times faster (and sometimes not really faster). AGP 4X indeed cause instability on some systems (not mine :) ), so if you must off it you have no choice.

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  5. I finally figured out the problem, it wasn't AGP 4X, it was an incompatibility between Win2k and Athlon processors. I went to AMD's site and downloaded a reg fix now everything is fine. pew. Hehe, although AGP4x makes absolutely no difference, but I wanna use it damn it, I paid for it! ;)
  6. You talked about aperature size, form what I've heard you should afjust that for 1/2 the size of you memory. For you it looks like 128 would be good.

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