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Hey there,

Lately I've been looking for a new gaming laptop and I decided that I'm going with the Sager NP9370. The only thing I'm not sure just yet is about witch GPU I should choose. This notebook support Crossfire X and SLi , but I'm not a big fan of AMD Radeon so I'll stick with the nVidia. My question is which one is better: a laptop with Dual nVidia GTX 670 Mx with 3 GB each (6 total) or a single GTX 680 M with 4 GB?
Also, if I go with the single 680, can I upgrade to Dual 680 later?

Thank you everyone who help me.
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  1. I'd prefer the Dual GTx 670mx because it's way faster and also it only offer 3GB total(3GB per GPU and doesn't stack up but SLI shares the main GPU's power)
    you can upgrade to a 680m ONLY when you charge your laptop 24/7 because your battery will die quicker and faster and also the charging wont even be enough to keep it 100% instead it'll drop 1-5% every hour when charged
  2. Might as well go with the GTX 670MXes if you can afford it, but know that you are limited to the (overly large) 3GB of VRAM in SLI. No, you cannot upgrade GPUs in laptops.

    That will be a BEAST of a "laptop" and will drain the battery extremely quickly, just so you know what you're getting into.
  3. *which
  4. Grammar nazi. Maybe he wanted a Wiccan GPU?

    Actually I'm just upset you beat me to it. lol.
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