I cant find where to put a cd in my asus g46 notebook

I had bought a notebook for gaming and school, and I was suggested this asus g46 laptop. is there not a slot to insert a CD? or am I just missing it? I mean it has to, its a gaming computer...
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  1. Sorry no optical drive on that model.......did you not read the specs before buying?
  2. Hi there.
    Indeed the G46VW comes without optical drive. You need to buy a external USB optical drive when you want to install something from a cd / dvd / Bluray.

    Small quote:
    Given the G46VW's smaller size, Asus decided it would be best to exclude an optical drive, and that's probably fine with so many PC gamers relying on digital services today.

    And here the source:

    I also checked the Asus site and when checking the specifications I found this:

    Storage2.5" SATA
    500GB 5400/7200 With 128 G SSD
    750GB 5400/7200 With 128 G SSD
    750GB 7200 With 8 GB SSH
    1TB 5400 With 128 G SSD Optical DriveBlu-Ray DVD Combo
    Super-Multi DVD
    Blue-ray Writer

    Think they made a small mistake on the webby and very confusing for everyone.
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