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What do i do if i forgot my computer password acer

Hello, i have a aspire Acer mini laptop and my parental controls password what do i do to reset that password even though i have forgot it please give me an answer as soon as possible
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    The forum rules do not allow us to help you defeat password protection. Please contact Acer for help.
  2. We cannot verify that you own the laptop. However, if you get in touch with Acer support and verify ownership, they'll help you out.
  3. i tried but they said this was the best place to ask. so i asked this website what to do and the computer that i have does not have a place to put a floppy disk. :pfff:
  4. I sincerely do not think Acer told you to come to this site to crack the password that you say you do not remember. Good luck, but we are not here to help the pirates.
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