Hello, I am currently looking into buying a laptop for myself for $600-700 i found two that i liked but not sure which one to choose please help!



I like the acer because of the touchscreen AND backlit keyboard and it also recieved a higher rating. But i like the cheaper price of the asus, aluminum material instead of the acer plastic, reliability of asus products, bigger hard drive(hybrid part ssd) and i honestly like the mix of black/silver of the asus over the mainly silver acer.

Would a responsive touchscreen be worth the sacrifice of the other asus features? Also would windows 8 be better with touchscreen because i really want to try windows 8 and get used to it and have a good experience with it. Any opinions is appreciated!
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  1. The ASUS come with a 24gb SSD for caching and 250gb more storage on hard disk so on this side will be faster, also i heard that ASUS warranty policies are very good and they are well built so the ASUS will be my choice for 50 bucks less also !!! But if you want the Touch screen go for the ACER, personnally i don't care as i use windows 7 and would reinstall it over windows 8 for now...
  2. Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. Now can anyone answer this question? Does touchscreen make a big difference when using windows 8?
  4. Asus without a doubt
  5. joskim5 said:
    Now can anyone answer this question? Does touchscreen make a big difference when using windows 8?

    I've recently started to run windows 8 on desktop, no touch, and I pretty much only find use in the desktop mode and agree with the people that say the os seems to be more designed for tablets/touchscreens. It works fine without, takes a bit of getting used to, but it does feel like I am not getting maximum potential without touch.

    Personally though I wouldn't choose a laptop based on touchscreen reasons since I actually think touchscreen is pointless and frustrating (currently use ipad for school and used to use hp touchscreen/tablet laptop) for what I consider normal computer use (gaming, programming, school/work) as switching between mouse/track/keyboard/finger just wastes time, but really you can go into any best buy/tech store and test out their laptops running windows 8 and see for yourself.
  6. Ok Asus it is thanks for the help everyone :)
  7. Acer monitors not good because of crystal clear technology . so touch screen with not good quality pictures is worth less.
    so go asus .
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