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I'm a student and I really need to just buy a laptop already, I've narrowed it down to


The second one is perfect except it's 17 inches. I'm not sure how much of a hinderance that would be.
First one is an acer, and I've heard so many bad things that it's legitimately scared me a bit from buying it.

I just need to take notes and do some light gaming.
League of legends is a big one, also I'd love it if I could play arma 2 on the weekends on it. (Lowest possible settings, at least 30 fps)

otherwise I'd look into HD4000. I'm not sure if they're sufficient.

So between those two, or any similar ones in price ranges, what would be recommended? If the g780 can be found with those specs in 15 inches that would be so perfect. (Or the g580 with the dedicated gpu)
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  1. I'm still looking for info, but I'm going to go test out a 17 inch at a local store today, just to see if it's too heavy and the like. Any assistance would still be really welcome.
  2. forget the idea of gaming on the lenovo laptop, intel HD graphics are well know for being crap.
  3. ulysses35 said:
    forget the idea of gaming on the lenovo laptop, intel HD graphics are well know for being crap.

    The first lenovo has a gt 635m
    And they are known for being crap but some games still run on them relatively well. Nothing modern obviously.
  4. Samsung NP300E5X-A01IN
  5. Not trying to be rude but its like no one even read the post..
  6. hafijur said:
    Get an acer m3 with 640m i5 3317u or samsung np550p5c with 650m.

    The 2 you listed are crap old gen stuff for example tghe 635m takes like 20w more then the 640m but performs 70% slower similar with 7670m.

    I repeat my last post..

    my budget is like 700. 750 tops. I can't just go and buy a computer with a 640 on a whim.
  7. HP dv6z-7200

    that one will hit your budget, and you'll be able to game (as much as you can on a laptop).

    The AMD APUs are made for what you're looking for (low cost + gaming capable)
  8. the g780 seems to be 6.6lbs that's quite heavy, but it is a very good one for that price. if you can deal with the weight it'd be the best choice. if that is not ok acer has email and chat support so that's a major sign that have decent possibly even good support, if it should break they could possibly fix it quickly. they are an average company i'd say so it should be a decent laptop. they've seemed to evolve quite a bit as a company, i'm impressed with their new very stylish and sleek webpage as well, i'd give them a chance myself. the weight on th lenovo just seems a bit much. seeing as how you're a student that won't be good on you if you take it with you, it will weight you down.
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