Will 7670m overheat


i have a samsung a10 quad core 2.3 ghz laptop with 8gb ram and dual crossfired dedicated 7670 graphics card. Im playing SWTOR at the moent and am getting GPU temps of 65-70 is this normal and will playing the game for 2-3 hours corse my GPU to overheat??

I realise desktops are better than mobiles but due to kids and busy job this machine suited.
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  1. Those temps are fine. As long as your playing on a smooth surface, like a table, with nothing blocking the fans then all shall be well.
  2. Aye cheers for that, i thought as much just neeeded reasuring lol i would of loved a desktop but the wife is determind to ruin my fun haha.

    The samsng packs a punch and is good value for money with it being a budget gaming laptop and handles SWTOR beautifully with all settings to max, but with all laptops they dont stay cool for long.

    My apple mac used to overheat all the time..
  3. The samgsung lappys are pretty well built so you should be fine. They do come in handy for the occasional lan party or something.
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