Mini PCIe WLAN Card with USB Electrical Interface Needed

As some of you may know, there are mini PCIe form factor cards that actually use a USB 2.0 implementation by omitting connectivity on some of the mini PCIe connector pins.

I have an Asus AO722 Aspire One netbook with a second PCI slot. I've leared that this second slot only supports the USB 2.0 "flavor" of mini pcie form factor cards. Due to poor video performance, I want to install my Broadcom Crystal HD mini PCIe card in the slot that actually supports pcie. So, I need a USB 2.0 type wireles card for the second slot. I'd rather not use an external USB dongle.

So my question is: does anyone know of a mini pcie form factor 802.11n card that uses USB 2.0 implementation, as opposed to pcie?
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  1. I found one with the Chipset: Ralink RT3070 :
  2. jarotech said:
    I found one with the Chipset: Ralink RT3070 :

    I had found that model doing a search before... unfortunately I can't find it for sale anywhere. (At least, anywhere I'm comfortable giving my credit card number to!)
  3. But I don't know why you will need the Crystal HD card for the poor video performance. I have a Acer AO722, with some tweaking and also with PotPlayer64 who utilize the potential of your APU, you will get 1080 video with a reasonable output.
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