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Hey i wanted to know something coz i have seen an unexpected thing. Long story short, my gpu-z doesn't load or start because my laptop has switchable graphics intel and amd though it runs in taskbar with cpu usage. I can open it after running a game but shows opencl error and still works fine.

Alright now, i opened the sensor tab to check what temps my radeon 7670m would reach. I also clicked on core, memory speeds, gpu load to show max value . After this i started playing COD MW 2 game for half an hour and then i quit game. Then i clicked on gpu-z in startup but nothing happened , then i realised that it will open only when a game is running. I noticed that the fan started running a bit louder even though i exit the game. I tried to right-click close it but that also didn't work. So quickly i launched PES 13 game and and right click options and the gpu-z both opened immendiately.

Then i was able to look at sensor tab. I found that the max temp was 53 C, max core speed 600mhz, max gpu load 100% but max memory speed read 1799 mhz ( twice the normal speed of memory which is 900 mhz and gpu-z shows it as 899.3 mhz )

I may agree with 100% load , probably for a few mins in game or it happened after i exit the game due to gpu-z freeze( i forgot to look at the running graph in sensor ). But the memory speed i saw clearly was evident from the graph that for about few seconds it stayed at 1799 mhz. most probably due to gpu-z freeze because i ran the game again and this time it showed max load as 95% and memory speed as 899.3 mhz

My question is will it be fine ? there is no harm done to the gpu right... ? It's somewhat like an automatic overclock and i never will try it again ( closing game first rather than gpu-z ). Games are still running fine now but i'm still curious because i haven't overclocked gpu before.
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  1. So did you manually overclock the GPU? Or are you concerned that it did so by itself?
  2. No, I haven't overclocked the gpu manually in any way. Yes it did by itself as what i have seen in the sensors tab of gpu-z. But it was for less than half a minute . I'm concerned if this could have harmed the gpu. I heard gpu getting fried when people overclock them.
  3. I'm concerned that it did on itself. Is this possible in any way?? I got a reply telling me that it must be a gpu-z glitch which misread memory speed when gpu load went up to 100%. Any other clues regarding this?
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