Acer AOA 110 SDHC Type ?

Does anyone know what class of SDHC is supported by the AOA 110 model notebooks ? (Type 1-10)

Also, is SDXC supported ? Again, what class if it is supported .

I have the AOA 110 Specifications infront of me and although SDHC or SDXC is not listed, I read an article in which SDHC was used and worked with the AOA 110 .
Here is that article ,

And here are the types of expansion cards supported according to the AOA 110 specs;
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  1. Neither of your hyperlinks work as intended.

    Although I can't answer your question, you can always buy a multiple-slot card reader which meets your requirements.

    And they are memory cards, not expansion cards as you referred to them.
  2. Fixed the first link, I can't get the official acer AOA110 spec page to link properly (so scratch that link).

    The laptop has a built in multiple card reader , although, I don't know what exact capabilities it has. (Thats why I'm asking about Class types, etc).

    Whats the difference between a "memory card" and a "expansion card" ?
  3. Anyone ?
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